Custom Work

Classic Design Concepts has partnered with in order to produce the Glassback Shelby GT500, the latest flagship project car of  After completing a once in a lifetime deal with Dean Sellers Ford in Troy, Michigan, StangNet founder Michael Raburn knew he had to make this car stand out amongst the herd of other contemporary Shelby Mustang offerings.  What better way is there to get the job done than to team up with renowned aftermarket designer & developer, Classic Design Concepts (CDC)?  So far, there is none to speak of.

StangNet 2007 GT500 Project

From the completely new, one-off custom crafted CDC Glassback roof to custom paint work (by hand, mind you) performed by Jeff Niffin of Ladd Road, this car is teeming with tenacity and begs for glamorous exposure…and it gets it every time.  Custom Blue painted stripes, a custom massaged rear ducktail spoiler, a painted lower front spoiler, a lower front grille with driving lights, and 2008 GT500 HID headlights are just the beginning of the fantastic exterior package.  Upon a second pass, you’ll notice there are C-pillar louvered scoops in place, the sideview mirrors are color-keyed, and the brake cooling ducts (mounted in place of the factory fog lamps) are not just faux pieces–they are ready to put out the impending brake “fire” at the track.